We are sorry, but this site is temporarily under maintenance.

Ultimate Cloths can be purchased at this time by clicking here or on our logo below.

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In the meantime, we have an important Notice to our ULTIMATE CLOTH® Customers

Ultimate Cloth® is our brand name that uniquely identifies our exclusive product/cloths made with the revolutionary patented MiraFiber® technology. Even though it appropriately describes our cloth (which is why we choose it), it is not just a description. It is a registered tradename with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO).

    To be sure you are purchasing a genuine Ultimate Cloth® product, look for:

  • The registered trademark Ultimate Cloth® or Ultimate Cloth™
  • The registered trademark MiraFiber® or MiraFiber®™
  • Rounded die cut corners on the cloths (if it has square cut corners - beware!)

Beware of websites and advertisers that are trying to trick you into thinking that they are selling our product by using the term 'Ultimate' as a description of their product.

Their cloths may look similar - could be thicker or thinner depending on the site, but in the long run will not perform up to Ultimate Cloth® standards! Balling, pilling, linting and poor overall performance after multiple washings have been reported on these sellers products. You will get what you pay for!.

If you are not sure whether someone is selling the genuine Ultimate Cloths, please call us at 800-714-2770 and we will verify or confirm your seller.